the HLD, High Longevity Disc


    a 5 Gb or 10 Gb DVD made out of inalterable glass and metal,

    for secure archiving of your data,

    to be read on any standard player and kept in house.



    NASA used it on Mars, GLAZT brings it to you.

  • Secure confidentiality of data - Master total cost of archiving
    Guarantee probative value - Limit energy expenses


    • Accelerated ageing tests by the French Notified Body, Laboratoire National d’Essais et de Métrologie (LNE) have proved that HLD discs resist over 1500 hours in an oven at 90°C and 85% of humidity. There is no possibility of magnetic damage.

    • This Disc was chosen by the NASA for part of the exploration mission on Mars.
    • There is no possibility of magnetic damage.


    • Confidentiality of data is guaranteed at each step of the archiving process : production, conservation, access. 
    • Data can be kept in house, under direct and safe control of their owner.
    • HLD can be read on any standard player. No license or fees are required to access HLD in DVD format.

    • HLDs require no maintenance, which  could induce third-party access to data.


    • Data on HLD cannot be modified.
    • Data is authenticated physically and electronically.
    • Data has probative value.


    • Master the total cost of archiving by knowing the exact archiving costs over a long period from the very start.
    • Reduce archiving costs by using the HLD digital optical glass discs that generate no maintenance costs.

    You assess you archiving needs : volumes, delays, customization.

    Glazt produces your HLD archiving disc. Each disc is tested and given a certificate.

    You read you HLD archiving discs on any standard DVD or Blu-Ray player.

    Customize your HLD by :

    • Etching an image, a logo, a flash-code on one of the HLD 5 Gb sides to facilitate data access and tracking,
    • Etching an image to authentify the disc : manual signature, non reproducible image etc.

    Confidentiality and security :

    • Glazt guarantees confidentiality of your data during the production process,
    • Each HLD is tested to guarantee its compliance with the specifications of the DVD-Rom Book and its compatibility with standard players,
    • Each HLD has a quality certificate.


    The perfect solution for archiving :

    • accounting documents
    • pay slips
    • legal documents
    • technical documentation
    • industrial property data
    • biometrical data
    • cadastral databases
    • medical data

    They archive their data on HLD:


  • Your data into the heart of stable glass

    Pits and fulls materialize data in optical discs.

    In the case of the HLD, the material is a sodocalcical glass known for its absolute steadiness.

    The pits etched in the glass to keep your data will not distort over time.

    Your data is stable for more than a century.

    A layer of nobel metal will allow the laser to be reflected to as to make your disc readable by any standard player.

    The DVD format, widely used and non proprietary, keeps your data at the core of the disc, which ensures that it is best protected.




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